Earthquake Research Institute, The University of Tokyo, Japan

Toshimi Kabeyasawa is professor of Earthquake Research Institute at University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan. His research interests include analysis and design of reinforced concrete buildings subjected to earthquake actions, laboratory and field tests on structural components and systems, soil-structure interaction and seismic retrofit. He is the editor in chief and a co-author for several design guidelines published from AIJ and JBDPA. He served as PI on the first full-scale test with a six-story reinforced concrete building at E-Defense in 2006. He is a chairman of disaster committee in AIJ, and has served as a chairman or member of significant professional or academic committees in MLIT, MEXT, MITI, BRI, NIED, RIEF, AIJ, BCJ, JBDPA, and local governments in Japan.


Presentation Day&Time: 21st October 2014, 10:15 - 11:00